Thursday, December 04, 2014


Having read the book and falling in love into it, I have a low expectation to the movie. You do know how my experience with TFIOS which is really really disappointing and makes me want to puke for 12 hours (I'm such a badass bitch but hey, I really hate that movie!). 

It is really disappointing and affect to my expectations to the other romance book to movie. So, I don't put any hope to be honest.

But I really love the soundtrack so much! Willamette Stone, Tom Odell, Ane Brun, and other great musicians in one album is too much to handle for me! I really love this soundtrack, more than TFIOS soundtrack - sorry for keep comparing ;)

My expectations were getting higher since I watched the trailer. Though, as I learned from past book to movie adaptations, getting your hopes high for a movie adaptation is a foolish thing to do. For even if you like the cast or the soundtrack, there is always the issue of what was kept, or changed, for the book's transition to the big screen. 

The movie is bold enough to introduce a newer kind of story flow style, the back and forth style between present and past, to the teen and young adult audience. It was very hard hitting and a brilliant performance from Chloe Moretz! Honestly, as a fan of the book, I couldn't have picked anyone be a better person to play Mia Hall

There is a lot of mature content and brings out the greatness and the worst of emotions. Her on-screen chemistry with Adam was on point and of course Jamie Blackley performance was also on point. I also liked the fact that the movie portrayed the story wasn't just about a 'girl and boy' the film involved her family and friends. I wished they added more scenes with Kim and her family. 

I can't say that this movie is amazing but I also can't say that this is bad. It still makes me cry and drown into its drama.I understand that it's so hard to bring book to screen. Overall, I love this movie and it wasn't a disappointing. 

sometimes you makes choices in life and sometimes choices make you


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