Friday, November 14, 2014


There is only one word to describe INTERSTELLAR and that is intense

Oh my God, a movie like no other. It's been around 3 hours since the movie ended and I am still reeling from it, desperately trying to hang on to the little shred of sanity I have left in me. I cried a lot. I gasped a lot. I can't even breathe well.

Strewn with science, this movie not only takes you on a joy ride, it educates you as well. The concept of space-time singularity pervades throughout the flick as we witness a superb simulation of a black hole, and it doesn't stop at just that. We go into it. Yes, through the eyes of our protagonist for the first time, we witness a distinct theoretical world that has found pragmatism. An impeccable representation of Tesseract with threads of time. 

The script is so beautifully written that it rivets you right from the start. The concept is like magic, a miracle happening in a distant galaxy. As the story unfolds it makes you feel as if you are getting closer to finding answers to our existence finally. The plot however has something else in store for you. And it is a big fat blunt satire on our loneliness. We are alone and all we have is each other. That is the truth.

Wormhole was never explored like this before. How time plays tricks on you, powerful representation of anomalies, the wickedness of human mind when left alone in despair, how the music of nature (the rain, the thunder and the cricket chirping noise) makes you feel home, the conundrum of our purpose, the humor of TARS, the physics that touches almost every part in the flick, and wise through and the brain-wrecking revelations in the end - every little detail has been exemplified with proper logical explanations and shown on a platter of sensation. 

Emotional surge is so strong, and with a power pack performance by Matthew McConaughey everything uplifts. Bits of a father-daughter melodrama are the most feeling kind. Shatters you from the inside, as you empathize with the protagonist's tears. I love Anne Hathaway & Mackenzie Foy here! They're beautiful and great actresses. The soundtrack is rad! Notes are so brilliant that they put you right into the flick. 

This is the best movie of the year so far. I highly recommend this movie.

Do not go gentle into that goodnight; Old age should burn and rave at close of they. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light. 

PS: make sure you eat and go to the toilet before watch the movie or at least bring some food to the cinema. It's 169 minutes and you don't want to make yourself starving or hold the pee. And please bring some water and tissue ;) 


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