Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Last friday, I watched this movie with my sister and honestly I am amazed. I read the books - and had high expectations for this movie - so I knew what will going on but I didn't know that the director, Francis Lawrence added some new things.

A friendly reminder that I may spoil a few or a lot of things about this movie. So, if you haven't watch the movie yet, don't do the 'read more' thing because you're going to hate me ;)


In the beginning, the movie shows Katniss being completely broken and suffering from the break down after those traumatic things, and it's actually a heartbreaking for me. I really liked the use of propaganda in this movie. It tells a lot about how the politics work. And getting all that really opens up to the whole point of Mockingjay. This movie is portraying all of Panem and bring out in a larger area than in the book. Personally, this is a very depressing movie but somehow in a weird way it's really good. It is all out war and politic with a bit spice up about how strong the bond between Katniss and Peeta.

Jennifer Lawrence did a wonderful job with her acting as always. She portrays Katniss flawlessly and gives a stunning performance as the female hero especially when she's shooting down two capitol jets with her new bows created by Beetee. And I was 'damn she's a complete package' when she sung during the film, the song is also featured as the first credits song but sung by Lorde. Who knew Jen could sing?

Once again Effie Trinket gives the movie the laughs and I think that's really necessary since Mockingjay is the darkest of the three books, which is quite hard for me because it centered in death and politics. Haymitch is sadly absent in almost the entire movie, but the few scenes he is in, he steals with his jokes on being sober and about his relationship with his best friend Katniss. Finnick is also almost has nothing big in this movie but still, he's always the charming one sorry I'm a fan girl ;) 

And also don't forget Johanna Mason, she's only has one scene in part 1, but hey, wait until part 2 baby! She's one of my favorites character played by Jena Malone. I can't think any other actresses who can portrays Johanna Mason better than her. I think no one can.

Josh Hutcherson's performance as Peeta steals my attention - no, I'm not talking about his handsome face and his beautiful smile. Peeta is poisoned technically by the capitol but literally he's being poisoned to say and do what President Snow wants him to. Watching Peeta is absolutely heartbreaking as you see him slowly becomes the weakest one. Peeta's final scene in this movie brings me to a lot of tears. He's one of my favorite male characters on the book and I love him and seeing him like that it hurts me.

I also like the new characters in this movie, like President Alma Coin played by Julianne Moore and Cressida (Natalie Dormer). They're my favorites from all of the new characters. 

A moment of respect is featured at the beginning of the credits to pay the hard work from Phillip Seymour Hoffman who passed away last year whilst filming Mockingjay part 2. He's a really great actor. He portrays his character really well!

The soundtrack is so far my favorite from the two movies before. My favorite is Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde and they made it as the main soundtrack and played it in the end of the movie. Well, it has 14 cool and pretty dark songs and perfect for this dark movie and all are great.

As a fan of the books, I'm so glad that the team behind the making of the movie have done an amazing job at converting the story from paper to screen in a way that enhances the story more than expected and I NEED PART 2!!! Is it November 2015 yet? 

"it is the things we love most that destroy us"



  1. kenapa banyak yang bilang ngebosenin ya tapi pey? semua temen aku bilangnya sih gak seru, mungkin karena high expectation kali ya, bakal full of action dsb atau mungkin pada gak tau inti cerita mockingjay ini bukan ke games lagi, padahal aku gak baca mockingjay sama sekali (baru mulai baca sekarang malahan --") what do you think?

    1. nah kayanya gitu deh karena mungkin nyangkanya masih banyak actionnya, dan sebenernya kalo kata aku ga usah di bagi 2. jadi itu yang bikin bosen, part 1 main point nya kan propagandanya jadi buat yg nggak baca atau ga tau cerita aslinya ya jd bosen hihi. tp kt aku sih ga ngebosenin, cuma terlalu ngalur aja

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