Sunday, November 09, 2014


I haven't watch the movie because it's not coming to my country yet. duh

I wish I could give this more than 5 stars. It is amazing. I have never been so moved by a book before. I sobbed like a baby 

There are two kinds of books, those that you finish reading and leave you with fleeting memories of the attractive hero, the silly heroine, and the overall storyline, or perhaps all you noted was the glaring plot holes, inconsistencies, ridiculousness or flat characters. At any rate, it’s a book that you read, either like or dislike, but no sooner than you have turned the last page, it is out of sight and out of mind. Then there is the other kind of book that will touch your heart, or awaken a lingering memory or a potential fear that will haunt your mind so that even long after you’ve fallen asleep, your unconscious self is still wading through the details. Your dreams will be fitful and when you finally awaken, you will find yourself tangled up in sheets with puffy, swollen eyes from tears that you shed when you weren’t even aware enough to know you were crying. 

If I Stay is the second one

You may have noticed that YA books are flooded, or in this case wrecked, with parental death, but this one takes a tiring theme and gives it a psychological twist, or two. For me, the most interesting part was not the issues central to the themes of life and death, but the characters' varied and enthusiastic love of music. Give this one to music lovers be it punk or orchestral, and young musicians.

If I Stay was a heartfelt, amazing, and thought provoking novel that I quickly devoured in two days. Between breaks at campus, during lunch time, basically any time I had free time, I would always be caught reading this. It was just that EXCELLENT

I loved the characters, especially Mia. She was presented in such a way that you could feel her pain and anger at the world while still understanding why she would want to stay or leave. Also, I liked how the novel would flash back between present and past, because you got to see how excellent of relationships she had with her parents, best friend, boyfriend, and grandparents. I enjoyed reading about the other characters, such as Kim, Adam, and Willow, since even their emotions and fight for Mia to stay jumped off the page from the start. 

The plot and writing was also interesting and well done. Some of the twists and turns to the story were predictable, while still being interesting. The writing just flowed in this lyrical way making this one of my favorite books of ‘09. 

My only problem? It seemed too short. I would have loved for it to be longer, since as soon as you got into Mia’s head completely, it was coming to a quick close. 

Overall, If I Stay was one magical journey that will defiantly bring a tear or two to your eyes several times.


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