Monday, September 01, 2014



After a month or so putting off this book back to my bookshelves while I've been away from home for school program (it's so hard to read there because I'm so busy ugh!) I finally finished the second book from The Maze Runner series

I can't wait to share my thoughts about this book with all of you! 

First word to say after reading this book: BURN

This book burned my sleep times! I've stopped at 87 pages (that's freaking annoying!) and forced myself to putting off this book while I completed my school program. I was back a week ago and the first thing I did was continue this second book. I can't wait any longer to come to its end! 

Like the first book, I had a hard time putting this story down once I started reading. The Scorch Trials is intense from the beginning and keeps you hanging until the very end. I almost wish I hadn't started this series, however, because it's hard to move on from the stories!

This book was amazing! But no matter how amazing it was, it still couldn't compete with The Maze Runner, as most series go, the first one is always the best. There was action packed into every page! After finishing the book, I still don't know who to trust or what could possibly happen now. This is full of betrayal, you never know who could stab you in the back or who your true friend could be.

The story was crazy, weird, horrifying, and so interesting! I had to know what dreadful thing Thomas and his friends would experience next. It is such a unique and wild future world, that I really can't predict what would happen. There are many many (many) twists and surprises and just plain disgusting things that you will not believe what you are reading. And oh the dreaded cliffhanger

Terrified. Parched. Exhausted. Betrayed. And completely enamored. Thomas' story continues with more twists and turns, monsters, pain and dark tunnels than I could bare. I'm in the process on preparing myself for the third book! 


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