Sunday, August 17, 2014



I wanna share my thoughts about this new product - well, for me - with all of you! 

Instead of wearing foundation, I prefer to wear BB Cream during the warmer months. BB cream is the perfect choice because it has a light weight and gives you a perfect amount for coverage and I just discovered this newest product - to me - from NYX and this product is amazing

The shade that I've tried is Nude since it's the perfect and the nearest shade to my natural skin tone and oh God... this product is just a perfection for me. 


Let's talk about the consistency first. It's so creamy but light at the same time. I don't understand what they put in this product but it's so moisturizing and super easy to blend in on your skin. It gives you a very natural look like you're not wearing any makeup. It also gives you nice coverage even thought this wasn't a product you wanna use when you need a high coverage product. I apply this using my fingers but I think beauty blender or brushes will be good as well. 

This is my bare face. I don't have any problems but still do hey, it's super normal to have problems on your face and I don't shy about this. As you can see, I have blemishes and terrible dark circles :| 

I like to apply this product like this. It's easier for me to blend and I think with this way, it created a flawless look and blend well. 

As you can see, it covers my blemishes well and lightly covers my dark circles. It gives natural flawless look. If you want to have a great coverage just add a bit of your concealer but for everyday look which I've been using this a whole week, I prefer to not using any concealer and I'm good to go. You know, we don't have to always cover our flaws. Let's say, no makeup makeup? :)



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