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It's been awhile since my last book review and I know it might be a bit late but whatever since the movie will be in theater this september, I think, why not I share the book review first. 

If you don't want to read any spoilers - because I might be spoil everything in this book review - feel free to close your tab and make sure to come back after you read or maybe after you watch the movie ;) 

I never thought I would like this kind of book so much! I never heard this book before ck shame but I love Dylan O'Brien since Teen Wolf nah I told you guys, I need to stop watching TV Series and there's a news about his new movie and oh God I felt the need to read the book first since it's an adaption. 

Seriously you guys, I highly recommended this book! 
I can't stop reading! I can feel the confusion, the fear, the anger, the threat and any other emotions that I can't describe in words. James Dashner created an eerie world which was beyond my imagination! 

This book hooked me and kept me reading every page. It gave you the feel you wanted to get to the last page but you didn't want this book ended. What a strange feeling you know. The story is so frightening and twisted but this book IS NOT The Hunger Games. I hate when people compare things like it has relation. Once again, this is nothing like The Hunger Games. 

Yes. This book contains about how to survive BUT this book is about figure it out who they are and why they're in the maze. They all - Thomas and friends - lost their memories and they just know the maze is not a safe place at all. They need to find a way to get out of here and smack those people who put them in the hell of box. 

Sorry. I still not recovery from the emotions.

At the beginning I was frustrated because the main character, Thomas, has lost his memory and I felt impatient to know what was going on. Every page gives me the hint and the pain on head. Oh God, this story couldn't get creepier when Thomas found out about that hell of word, WICKED I mean, what the hell is that and I feel the rush and the need to know about that word and it took a BUNCH of emotions. I swear, I stayed up all night reading this and as I read along each new discovery left me feeling shocked, disturbed, and very often both. 

I really have a high expectation for the movie! Have you watch the new trailer? Seriously, I can't wait any longer!!!! 

PS: I'm in the middle of book #2 : The Scorch Trials and OH GOD please save me!

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