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The book was kinda late came to my country and repeating history, the movie was also 2 weeks late :| 

Lucky me, I'm in the middle of KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) and been away from home since last week so I just watched it yesterday. Even though this post kinda late - out of date - but I want to share! 

So, I spent a lot of time checking my watch while waiting for the theater door open. I've been waiting this movie since the first time I read the book! 

Keep reading if you want to know my thoughts about both of movie & book, or please feel to close your tab if you haven't watch the movie yet because this post maybe contains spoiler ;) 


I LOVE THE BOOK and I bought all of John Green's book ever since. I'm kinda addicted to this amazing author. 

The Fault in Our Stars book has so much more than just a teenager love story with cancer problem in it. It gives me a different way to think that 'yes, none said life was easy, but it's only phase and you'll through it. all you have to do just enjoy your life, express your love before it's too late'. 

While reading this book, I was struck with a random thought. Why do we (meaning all of us who choose to do this) read books which we know ahead of time are going to turn out sad? I knew that whether it's Gus or Hazel who died in the end and yeah, it's Gus, surprise. 

Then what makes us keep reading? 

The way John Green combines all of the words into beautiful sentences and presents an interesting yet beautiful storyline 

John Green's style is unique. He conveys his sense of humor in his writing - you can't not laugh at least once while reading a John Green book. His writing is serious, too, though, emotional, thought-provoking and just plain beautiful. This book is the perfect mixture between literary and entertaining - you want to read it as fast as possible to find out what happens; but at the same time, you want to savor every sentence and never let the book end. John Green can make you laugh, cry and think about the meaning of life all within one page.

The story gives me more and more emotional feelings in every chapter and once again this isn’t a cancer book. Most cancer books are about the person being cancerous, and there are cancerous things that take place during this book, but it’s so much more than being about cancer. YES, Hazel has terminal cancer; YES Augustus has cancer, too, but that isn’t what this book is about. 

Hazel and Augustus are the perfect couple. Their love isn’t an instalove the moment Augustus starts staring at Hazel, but the more they hang out and the more they talk, they do. On page 125:

As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.

And that’s the perfect way to fall in love. 

Augustus Waters has to be the hottest name ever invented. And that's just his name - the actual person probably even better. Augustus is unlike anyone I've ever read about - there's no way to describe him, he's just perfect - he's perfect without being perfect, which is the best kind of perfect. Hazel and Augustus are adorable together. The way they treat each other is so sweet, and their bantering is hilarious. 

I like writing too - hoping one day I'll be like this guy, having my book read by many people and they write their own review about it - and no offense, I'm kinda know how this story is going to end but I think we all do, right? It's simple story with a complicated package and that's really amazing. 

When I heard that TFIOS is going to be presenting as a movie, I'm super excited but that excitement slightly go down when I knew one of my favorite characters, Augustus Waters, dropped to Ansel Elgort no offense, he's a good actor but in one look, I think he's not the right person to play Gus. When he paired with Shailene Woodley who played Hazel Grace, there's no chemistry between them. There's nothing. I only saw the conversation between two teenagers with cancer, support each other and finally decided to be more than just a friend. That's it. 

That's a mistake. TFIOS is about Hazel and Gus strong chemistry, the strongest bond on the story, but the movie didn't serve it. 

More or less all that you need to know. The movie doesn't have the flow of real life, but is built on conventions of the plot. Everything in their relationship is calculated for effect, we get gimmicks instead of narrative. For example, Gus carries around a pack of cigarettes and occasionally puts one in his mouth. Hazel is disgusted but then Gus offers this explanation: "They don't kill you unless you light them. And I've never lit one. It's a metaphor, see: You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing. A metaphor." That's fine, but the sight of Gus - Ansel, with the cigarette in his mouth looks as ridiculous as it sounds. He puts the unlit cigarette in his mouth so often that we want to take his away from him and say "Stop, your metaphor is a joke!" 

Worse is what comes next. Hazel and Gus visit Anne Frank's house. Naturally, Hazel has trouble climbing the series of steep staircases. When she reaches the famous attic, there is little to no attention paid to the fact that they are in Anne Frank's famous hiding place. Instead, the scene climaxes with Hazel and Gus first kiss, to which all the strangers around them begin to applaud. Duh.

The movie never really shows with the issue of what it is like to live with cancer, or the depression it will claim your life. The dialogue lightly dances around these issues but no one ever gets serious about discussing them - even though the book is not about cancer, but it still serves us how intense and depressing it is to live with cancer. 

They know they're going to die but neither Gus nor Hazel ever get down to the serious business of discussing what lies on the other side. Gus talks a lot about "oblivion" but the movie doesn't go there. We know from the beginning that one or both characters will face the final curtain before the movie is over, but the film's final act is a long – very long – show more about eulogies and final wishes that goes on and on and on. It should be moving us to tears but you find yourself checking your watch instead - well, I did. 

Hazel informs us in the beginning that "Pain deserves to be felt." We agree, but the movie could do with a lot more pain and a lot less catharsis. The characters talk and talk and talk and talk, but nothing they have to say has any real meaning. Death is the inevitability of this story, but there's such a long and drawn-out funerary tone to the film's third act that is tinged with so much hope and finality that it feels like the happiest sad ending you've ever seen.

Peter Van Houten is not an evil. There's no big deal about this guy in the movie otherwise in the book, I really hate him. The book shows how Hazel was really disappointed to her favorite author, how douchebag Van Houten is but in the movie, I'm kinda sympathy to him because he looks like the one who has troubles in front of his eyes. He's not a bad guy, he's just a poor guy. Shame? yeah. 

Both of Hazel & Gus parents are just a topping. They only additional to this movie. In the book, Hazel's parents are really struggle to keep Hazel healthy, how her Mom and Dad are really emotional whenever Hazel sicks, they worry a lot, and they love Gus. In this movie, they seem so so with their only daughter, there's not chemistry between Hazel and her parents and they hate Gus. Her mom, well, she acts like doesn't even care, but her dad? whoaaa... this is a huge mistake. Hazel's parents love Gus so much, they glad Hazel has Gus in her life, he brings the happiness back in her life when she put it long time ago since cancer. but in the movie, I don't know why, her dad seems hates him and only try to act decent. That's a joke. Then comes Gus' parents who easily forgotten, as long as I remembered, they only showed up for like 3 or 4 times. They're nothing. I think the movie would be really OKAY without them. There's no bond between Gus and his parents, or how Hazel loves Gus house. There's nothing. 

The things that I love in this movie are the soundtrack and Nat Wolff. Seriously you guys the actors are good but I still imagined them being different I thought that they would. I just think the movie was a disappointment and when I read the book I cried towards the ending when Augustus was dying, but in the movie I was not even bothered, like my eyes were not stinging or anything I think that the movie could have been better if it had a more touching ending and also I did not fell in love with Augustus like I did in the book. Honestly, I just think that the book is too good to have been made into a movie. I'm not trying to say that I hated this movie I just didn't like as much as I thought I would.

I'm not OKAY with the movie


  1. Untung belom nonton. Hahaha! Dari awal sih emang gak begitu berharap banyak untuk ini dijadiin film soalnya genre YA non fantasy/dystopic biasanya kurang greget dijadiin film, imho :D Just one question, who did you think should play as Gus?

  2. ya kaaaan cuma sayang banget gitu jadi wasted :'(
    kalau engga joshua anthony brand, rj king atau avan jogia lol.


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