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Hi Sweethearts <3

I know this is kinda late to share may favorites but I had been so busy with tasks and final exams but finally... it's done! YAY *happy dance*
I wouldn't say this is my may favorites post, I prefer to say this is monthly favorites. So, let's dig into it...




I don't change my skin care products very often because my skin condition is very sensitive. It makes me afraid to try new products, but... the weather was super annoying recently. My skin broke up, I got acnes and it was super dry. I tried everything I could like stop using Papulex as my day and night cream and back to baby cream but it didn't help. I stop using face wash and change it to milk cleanser instead. Still, it didn't help. So, I do research about the best moisturizer for sensitive skin, read so many reviews about those products. Mostly said Clinique is the best but it's really expensive for student like me and I never believe if I didn't try by myself.

Early may I decided to buy Clinique Moisture Surge. My first time tried this moisturizer, I felt like... "Wow, it is super light and it has like 'cold sensation' on my skin" I combined with Papulex and you guys... it changed my life! I applied Papulex first then Clinique. It matched with every foundation or BB cream and works as a lighter version of primer!

  1. Face wash: Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial cleaners 
  2. Toner: L'occitane Shea Butter Gentle Toner 
  3. Acne & oil control cream: Papulex Oil Free Cream
  4. Moisturizer: Clinique Moisture Surge 


Every time the weather turns to be really annoying, I have to put something with super moisturizing formula in my lips. I actually pretty satisfied with L'occitane Angelica Verbena Sorbet lip therapy but this amazing product was discontinue since November - December last year. I back to Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, but pardon my mood, I got so bored with it so I decided to try The Body Shop Dragonfruit Lip Butter. It works really well for me. It smells really nice and makes my lips smoother, but one thing I hate about this product is it leaves white-ish on my lips and it never works with any lips products. I apply this every night before I sleep and in the morning my lips will feel better and ready for the day. 

Since I need super moisturizing lip product for carry on, I went to L'occitane outlet to find something similar to Angelica one. They have nothing similar, but the clerk said L'occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm works as good as Angelica. She was right. I can say Angelica was the best, but this lip balm works really good - basically, L'occitane's lip products are the best


I've been loving cranberry's smell lately and glad that I found The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish.  It smells really good, not too sweet and cranberry-ish while other TBS' body polishes always smell too sweet for my nose. I bought this in early may on 20% off discount (who doesn't like discount?) and I can't stop wash my body with this ever since.

Even this is a body polish (shower gel with a little tiny scrubs), it doesn't make your skin dry but hydrate your skin instead. Unfortunately, this product is one of limited edition products and they no longer has it. I'm not sure if they will bring it back or not, but hopefully they will because this is a good product. 


That's not a secret, every woman has stretch marks and every woman hate it. 
Even though all my stretch marks' base camp is on my thigh and those annoying marks will safely covered still I hate having them on my body. I bought L'occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil based on their claims that "...deeply nourishing formula can be used to prevent the formation of stretch marks...". I love L'occitane and why didn't give it a try?

I know favorites post should be post something that I used a lot but GUYS! This product is amazing and I can't help myself to not include it! 

It smells like Almond (my hand cream is also L'occitane Almond Hand Cream), super soft and hydrating my skin. I think I'm going to re-purchase it on bigger size! YAY!! 

Let's count how many times I wrote Revlon in this post ;)


I never use eyebrow powder before because my first experience with brow powder was really bad, it was a product from Korea brand. It smudged all over my eyelids and... I don't wanna talk about it. So, long short story, I stick to eyebrow pencil and it works pretty good on my unruly eyebrows. 

Earlier April, I went to The Body Shop to re-purchase Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance mist and my eyeballs spotted their Brow & Liner Kit and I was like "Nah... same old same old...". I didn't think about it and moved to see other product. BUT the clerk came to me and we're talking then... she offered that brow & liner kit. I told her about my experience and she promised this TBS' wouldn't do the same. She succeed to convince me and I walked to the cashier with fragrance mist, body butter and THAT brow & liner kit. 

YOU KNOW WHAT... this brow powder changed my brow-life. It works really GOOD and nicely shape my unruly eyebrows, give the nice illusion that I re-shape my eyebrows and the most important is... it didn't smudge. It stayed in place ALL DAY long even I didn't use brow gel or for me, clear mascara works really well. 


As you guys know that I hate eyeliner pencil or crayon because it always smudges and the formula was really bad, yeah, I'm talking about Maybelline eyeliner pencil product - but I love Revlon so when I went to their counter to buy liquid eyeliner and saw Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Crayon, I have two thoughts: either I have to give it a try or not. 

I must be a person who easily influenced and I need to take care about this. Seriously, you guys, I must. 

I came home with this eyeliner in black shade. A week - more or less - later, I just remembered I have new eyeliner to try on. In one fine day my not really spare time, I did my makeup and tried this eyeliner on my lash line, created simple line. It was one of those products which easy to use, the formula was thicker than I thought. On that day, I went to many places - lunch with my family, went to movie theater, shopping, dinner - I came home really late. But then I realized I didn't use my usual eyeliner and taa daa... this eyeliner didn't smudge at all. It stayed on place, the color was still the same like the first time I applied it. 

Well, maybe the clerk was right ;) 


You guys know I love Revlon products - everything is works really nice on me!

Revlon have new range on their lip products - not really new but it's new for my & my beloved country - and it called Revlon Colorbust Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain with Emma Stone as their model. It's really interesting and this range has beautiful colors. I've been searching for reddish lip color and they have Romantic. It's the nicest red lip color I've ever tried. Not only the color is really beautiful, the formula is amazing! It stays longer than I thought, and surprisingly... it's moisturizing and has coolness when I applied to my lips. This is the best decision about lip color because I never leave my house without this balm stain ever since. 

I love watching beauty videos on youTube and I always write the beauty gurus' recommendation or what products they use and interesting for me. Some of them didn't available on my country or hasn't arrived yet. Meghan Rienks is one of my favorites beauty gurus and I always love her haul or favorites videos. So, I'm not sure in which video she mentioned this product, she recommended a Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout. It's a really nice red lipstick and works really good on her. I went to Revlon the next day but shame, this range haven't arrived yet to my country. UNTIL... in the middle of nice May, I went to drugstore and IT WAS THERE! I came in the right time when this matte balm range was just arrived, yeah, that's the first day! I never felt happier...


I have natural pink cheeks but sometimes, there's a time when I look so pale like a corpse and I need to put some color. The blushes that I have are not something that I can use everyday. some of them are too natural, too match with my cheeks, some of them are too reddish.

I need something that natural but have a color that not too similar with my cheeks. uh... sort of.
and this is it! Revlon Powder Blush in shade 09 Smoky Rose the first look, wow that's a really beautiful rose color but that would be too pink-red on my cheeks and that's wrong. It's really natural but adding beautiful pink-coral on cheeks.

not only blush, I need bronzer and as you guys know I never use bronzer before. I let my round face let it be but... lately I've been loving how beauty blogger re-shape and add nice bronze color on their face and I want to try! Some of their recommendations are hard to find in my country, some of the products even not available. Then I saw Revlon Powder Blush in shade 10 Toast of New York which is blush but it works as a bronzer for me! 




I certainly know that I supposed to share my review after I finish the book but I can't wait any longer to tell you guys how much I love THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner. So, this is not a review ;)

I've been waiting for this book to arrives on my country and gladly it came on earlier April. I've been so busy and distracted and hardly find the me-time to enjoy the book. FINALLY, the me-time arrived and I'm on page 190 now and already say this is my favorite book in this month! I can't stop reading! Every chapter is mesmerizing!

The good news is... The Maze Runner soon will be out as a movie with amazing characters on it! Can we talk about Dylan O'Brien as Thomas OMG!!!!!


I always love to share my current favorite songs! Here's the newest addition on my playlist ;)

I Love this guy! People said he was the new version of Justin Bieber but Hello, people! Does Justin Bieber sings with heart? Because Austin does. Yeah, I probably get hate messages after this, not a surprise. 

Anyway, I never heard Austin sings in acoustic version before and this song is amazing! Holycrap, Austin, are you kidding me? Shadow is one of the bonus tracks on his new EP, the Secret and I disagree about this. This song supposed to be the number 1 track on his EP. Shadow shows the other side of hippie Austin. He's more mature in both his looks and voice, and this song proves it. 

Is it necessary to tell how great this song is because everybody knows that, right? Lana is ready to amaze us by her new album, Ultraviolence, expected release in middle of this month. I can't wait for it!! West Coast is also amazing. I can't imagine how other singer will sing better than her in this music genre thou. 


I currently get more addicted to Vine thanks to Marcus Johns, Lele Pons, Jerome Jarre, Zach King, Brandon Calvillo and Cody Johns and other favorites viners because I can't start the day without check my vine dashboard first. 


I try to always eat healthy food but as you guys know, we can't deny the temptation of burgers, pizzas, and any others fast food or less nutrient food. Especially when it comes to lunch time and I barely eat lunch at home - probably only one or two times in a week :'( - have pizza or burgers with friends always feel so great, right? 
To keep healthy, I never skip breakfast no matter what. Even I'm late, I have go-to breakfast menu, well, not menu but choices that currently I love the most. 

I've been searching for something that healthy and taste good and small enough so I can bring everywhere and Mom suggested a protein bar, to be honest, I hate the taste of every protein bar I've tried. It's smells bad, taste odd and... yeah. Oatmeal cookies always be my favorite but I got so bored of it. Earlier February, I went to supermarket with Mom for monthly shopping, then I found this little guy! I don't know why it is 'a guy' 

and it changed my life. literally. 
It tastes really GOOD, it's gluten free, it's all about FRUIT and Nut and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH! There's a hint of honey and that's where the sweet comes. Trust me, this is really good. 

If I have enough time to make breakfast, I usually go with oatmeal with fruits and honey or if I feel so lazy that day, I'll go with a bowl of one or two kind of fruit ;) 

That's my favorites. Hope you guys enjoy this post! 

much love <3


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