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I know I'm not consistently write in this blog because I have a lot of things to do and they're drive me crazy. I hate it >:~(


I still wanna share at least one topic to all of you! It's perfume. I love perfume and the way it makes me confident and smell so good. I'm not the person who likes collecting many perfumes, I'm the one who loyal to some perfumes I like the most.
So here they are...

1. Vera Wang - Flower Princess

"Princess is all about a new attitude. It's about claiming
something magical and mystical in your life. It's all of the
characteristics that we would want to possess and what
resides in all of us young or old." 

This perfume might be the most favorite perfume for me because it smells so good and calm, so girly and princess-y. I like this fragrance a lot. yes, it is a basic floral scent, but I love how it's not "trying too hard" and it's fresh. First introduced by Vera Wang in 2006 and since then I always have this subtle on my vanity. For me, as a student with no job, this perfume pretty expensive but it's worth. I'm obsessed!! 

2. JLo - Still

Jennifer Lopez is one of my favorite actresses and then in 2003 she launched this amazing perfume. It's a huge pleasure for me. It's a simple scent -- soft, fresh, clear, unobtrusive. I like that it's not flowery, fruity, uber-lemony, or overly sweet/desserty smelling. It's not dense -- has a fresh light crisp airy quality. It's very very feminine and lasted about 3 hours before it disappears. This is like my everyday perfume. 

3. Benetton Paradiso Inferno Pink

This is my first bottle for Benetton. I never tried it before, but everyone is like talking about this perfume and I got so curious so I bought it month ago. Look how much I used this perfume! Since I bought this for the first time, I literally use it everyday. The scent is heavily floral, slightly sweet. I have feeling I'm going to repurchase!

4. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom 

I usually hate fragrance mist because it always try so hard to smell as good as perfume, but this one is different. The scent is very sweet and feminine. Floral but not overpowering. Although I love the scent, I find it has no lasting power like the others, and I am constantly reapplying it. This is my go to fragrance mist.

5. Oriflame Midsummer Woman 

This product is no longer exist. I feel so bad because Oriflame seems like has no plan for continue this amazing eau de toilette. I love this EDT, and probably the first mature fragrance I've ever had - I used to use baby cologne until my first year on junior high school. My Mum bought me this when I was 13 as birthday gift and ever since I'm obsessed! I repurchased every time I ran out, and then suddenly, in my country, Oriflame is no longer existed. I can't find any EDT or any other fragrance which has similar smell with this. It smells so fresh, floral but not too strong. It's perfect for everyday use. I have 10 empty bottles and still hoping I can get another one. 

much love, 
veraverdiany <3

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