Friday, September 13, 2013



An anonymous on tumblr asked for "what's in my bag" blog post. So here it is... even this is not my usual post, but yeah, why not?

Hope you enjoy it! ;)

almost every things i bring every time i left my house

1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green - I've been searching this book for so long and finally it's arrived when i ordered to one of my fave book store in Bandung, Books & Beyond. I can't stop read this book so i bring it every where i go, like campus, mall, cafe, almost every where. So good!

2. My wallet, it's from Charles & Keith and i really love it! I can't leave my house without bring cash & cards. who can?

3. Perfume pouch :

Vaseline hand & body lotion - Carex Hand Gel - The Body Shop fragrance mist in Japanese Cherry Blossom - Wipes - The Body Shop hand cream in Wild Rose - Johnson Baby Cream
I'm kind of OCD, i feel so uncomfortable, anxious when my skin especially my hands get dry so i always bring my hand cream and lotion to keep it moist.

4. Make Up pouch :

i would never leave my house without bring my makeup pouch! it is :
- small mirror, i think it will be so annoying if you don't have small mirror on your makeup pouch.
- EOS lipbalm, so far it is the best after L'occitane! smells so good and cheap.
- Revlon lipstick, i always bring 2 color - Rosy Nude and Creamy Caramel
- cotton, cotton bud, band aid, well... yeah, you don't want to have your mascara or eyeliner out from line, right? and band aid is for in case you need it, you'll never know.
- Maybelline compact powder

5. Charger pouch, to be honest i hate when my phone run out of battery :p

6. Blackberry 9780 & iPhone 5 : Blackberry for keep in touch with my friends, checking my e-mails, sms & mms, iPhone for keep tracking on social media, tumblr-ing, blogging, read news, e-book, and all. mostly for hang out on social media and take picture.

7. forgot to put number on it, tissue & gummy.

so, what's on your bag? lemme know :)

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