Thursday, September 26, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: The Fault In Our Stars

As long as i remember, i started reading a fiction since i was a little girl, about 5 years old. My first book is Snow White (my obsession is to be a Princess!!!!) Sejak itu aku addict banget sama yang namanya baca. Apapun aku baca - which is aku bisa baca sejak umur 4 tahun - mulai dari langganan majalah Bobo, selalu nagih dibeliin buku cerita ke orang tua. Dan sampai sekarang aku usahakan minimal satu bulan sekali aku beli novel atau self-help genre.

Aku udah denger buku ini sejak lama, since last year. Tapi sayangnya masuk ke Indonesia itu lama banget dan setiap aku ke toko buku, sold out. Sampai akhirnya, aku pesan ke Books & Beyond. 2 months later, I got a phone, told my book was arrived. 

I was sooo excited!!! After finish my classes that day, aku langsung pergi ke B&B di Istana Plaza, cabang yg paling dekat sama kampusku.

I can't wait until i got home, so i read it on my car. 

And guess what?

I REALLY LOVE IT!!!! It's really worth for money! And of course it's not expensive. 

John Green is awesome! He really take me to Hazel Grace's world, feel like i was her. I struggle with tumor & her pain. I met Augustus Waters - which is the coolest cancer boy ever.

I cried a lot! Mostly when Augustus told Hazel that his cancer spread to his body. I was like, THEY JUST START DATING! WHY ON EARTH, AUGUSTUS DIED!!!! (spoiler)

My most like chapter : 
- the very first day Hazel met Augustus. I don't know why, but i feel like it was like love at the first sigh but it's not. From my point of view, they started like each other when they shared fave book.
- the day when Augustus told Hazel that she's going to Amsterdam to meet her fave author.
- their first kiss in Anne Frank's house
- and many more
- and many more

the way Mr. Green describes Augustus Waters is very very luminous! he's so smart and make an amazing book for everybody! seriously, EVERYBODY. no matter how old are you (except you're a little girl under 11) you will love it.

and you know what? THE FAULT IN OUR STARS IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE! YAY *happy dance* 
we have to wait until 2014 and to be honest I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER!
although i'm a little bit disappointed because my Augustus expectation is not Ansel Eglort. Sorry, but physically he's not look alike Augustus at all. hope he surprise me in the movie. finger crossed. for Hazel Grace, i'm totally agree because Shailene is amazing actress, remember her acting in The Descendant? she's perfect.


while we wait the movie, let's re-read this amazing book and listen to unofficial soundtrack. my favorite Youtuber, Troye Sivan made a song with the same title The Fault In Our Stars and this is soooo emotional. his voice, his lyrics, Oh God. i can't even... he posted it on his youtube channel!

i guess that's it. i can't keep telling you guys spoiler. hope you guys enjoy this post.

have a nice day!

much love <3



  1. Aaaaaaaa rada nyesel gak jadi beli ini kan pas ke BIP .__. I picked Game of Thrones and The Devil Wears Prada instead, bulan depan beli ini aja kali ya? *ngorek celengan* bytheway, mampir boleh nih peeeeey :D masih baru, jadinya isinya masih dikit. Mwehehe =D

    1. haiiiii :*
      sure sayang aku mampir yaaa! maaf baru kebaca nih comment nya. yah aku spoiler lagi ke kamu, ayo beliiiii!

  2. hahahaha... well, my choice is either get the physical book or the free pdf version, LOL. but sometimes if I found a very interesting part when I read the pdf, I'll get the real book ASAP (that's the reason why I picked Game of Thrones :D) Kalo buku John Green yg lain udah baca pey?


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